Are you an Industry Leader suffering from Executive Burnout?

Luxury Executive Burnout clinic in Marbella – bespoke medical, therapeutic, and holistic treatments.


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How to recover from Executive Burnout is a hot topic around the globe. Recharge offers an immediate solution. Leading executives bring their office to the Recharge clinic and the cost is tax deductible. Recharge yourself back to full life and let the taxman pay for it. Genius!


Are you suffering from chronic fatigue; angry outbursts,  self-critical inner voice, personal cynicism, negative thinking, irritability, a feeling of being besieged and overwhelmed at work; and at times hair-triggered display of emotions?

My name is David Carter, I am the CEO of Luxury Executive Recharge. We provide an all-inclusive highly effective treatment for executive burnout.

Recharge provides the highest quality of accommodation, professional staff, therapies, and Mediterranean food. Alongside medical and clinical services, Recharge provides a full bespoke program week to week.


Mr. David Carter

Mr. David Carter


David lives and breathes personal optimization. He has developed the content of the program and the brand of the business. Always looking to find the next solution and never scared to try a new therapeutic approach. He is a key proponent of Psychedelic Therapies and Nutritional Therpaies such as NAD+. David’s work ethic is second to none and his love for the outdoor inspires not only the team member who work with him but more importantly the clients who trust in his abilties.

Dr Jose Moyano

Dr Jose Moyano

Clinical Lead

Dr. José Manuel Sánchez Moyano Lea, has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Cádiz. He studied psychiatry in England for 6 years. In 1999, he started working for the Department of Psychiatry at the Andalusian Health Service, and at the same time started his private practice. He is also a Consultant for the Botafuegos Penitentiary Center, in Algeciras. Specialist in Forensic Psychiatry, he is a member of the team of experts of the Royal Medical College of Cádiz .

Dr Beran Parry

Dr Beran Parry

Medical Lead

Profound knowledge and recognized expertise are the solid operational foundations for Beran Parry’s Ph.D. Her professional career as a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Qualified Advanced Weight Loss Consultant and Certified EFT and Reiki Master Therapist. Beran also practices functional medicine nutrition having initially studied at the Functional Medicine University in South Carolina USA. Beran is a bestselling Amazon author of over 40 nutrition books.

Mr. Diemantas Adomenas

Mr. Diemantas Adomenas

Operations Director

One of the best Executive Managers in Europe, a pleasure to work with, calm under pressure, and very well-liked by the clients. Currently residing in London and running a charity-led rehab service for Eastern Europeans in the capital. Diamantas has developed his own recovery program and can fit into any team schedule. He drives and can be relied upon to deliver Executive Burnout services. Every client who has worked with Diemantas has requested to hire him privately.  



Are you experiencing signs of mental exhaustion, work burnout, physical symptoms of exhaustion, signs of stress, and anxiety, career and pandemic burnout, burnout at work, or workplace burnout? Recharge provides executive treatment for burnout based on biochemical clinical assessments. Delivering the world’s most luxurious treatments of emotional, physical, and psychological wellness. Recharge supports various issues, including dependencies, anxiety, insomnia, depression, burnout, trauma, weight management, orthomolecular restoration, and smoking cessation.


Burnout Symptoms

What is Burnout?

Our dedicated lab tests uncover issues like imbalances of amino acids, nutritional deficiency, hypoglycemia, inflammation, adrenal fatigue, gut health, hormonal levels, and neurotransmitters. Treatments detoxify & repair the damage done to the brain and body at the cellular level and prevent future illnesses and diseases. 

Burnout Optimisation

Cellular Recovery

Our dedicated lab tests uncover issues like imbalances of amino acids, nutritional deficiency, hypoglycemia, inflammation, adrenal fatigue, gut health, hormonal levels, and neurotransmitters. Treatments detoxify & repair the damage done to the brain and body at the cellular level and prevent future illnesses and diseases.

Workplace Reignition

Manage Your Business with a New Perspective

Business perspective broadens your horizon on how you view and tackle important challenges. This requires a tactically-formulated approach toward your business model considering lots of possibilities with predetermined objectives and how decisions affect your overall performance and growth. Bring your business into the Recharge program.

Functional Medicine

Life Enrichment Program

Functional medicine is a systems biology-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness. Dr. Beran Parry is one of the world’s leading practitioners, published worldwide with a number of best-selling books. 

Luxury and Anonymity


 Recharge is rated Number One in 2022 by Europes Best Executive Burnout Clinics and is unquestionably the most exclusive and luxurious retreat in southern Spain. The program can include a unique reunification program with a client and their family. Recharge offers a selection of luxury properties to choose from, and incredible food and we also offer a popup solution in the country of the client’s choice.

Alternative Healing

Plant-Based Assisted Therapy

Medically supervised NAD+, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Hyperbaric Chamber, and Ibogaine treatments are at the forefront of mental health treatment and have proven effective against treatment-resistant depression, CPTSD, anxiety, and addiction. Our Plant-Based Alternative options are therapeutically guided and medically managed.

Clinical & DNA Testing

Our custom DNA test helps determine personalized treatment on an individual basis. We test a panel of 69 genes looking for indicators of addiction, mood disorders, and psychosocial conditions. Including Dr. Parry’s Stress Diagnosis System. We analyze over 300 sequences, 24 neurotransmitters, and various hormones for Adrenal Cortex Stress Test.

Bespoke Care

One Client : One Program

Recharge is an award-winning, unique treatment provider of bespoke individualized one-on-one treatment for burnout, depression, anxiety, diminishing returns at work, family issues, and emotional health concerns. Bespoke treatments in exceptional accommodations and the most sublime private locations in southern Spain.

Recharge burnout recovery

Recharge stage one will analyze your burnout symptoms with either a clinical or a medical detoxification period.

In stage two the team will provide steps to deal with mental fatigues and work exhaustion via health and hygiene protocols, sleep, water, food, and nutrition.

Stage three provides coaching, transformation, and optimization burnout treatment.

Stage four launches you back into burnout recovery via implementation, family, work, and after-care.

What People are Saying

❝Life Changing❞

“This amazing Clinic saved my life. The staff are consummate professionals and I knew I was in safe hands. I really cannot thank All the team at RECHARGE for changing my life. Functional medicine helped me understand how food has a direct impact on my mood. Thank you RECHARGE. You made a huge impact on my life and business.“

Harry, UK

❝Thank you❞

“I was at the end of my tether and I needed something, someone, somewhere. Thanks to Recharge I am now more optimized than ever. Not only did I work with the team in-house, but I was also provided the space to continue to run my business. The executive support was superb. And when I left the facility, I was supported online, which helped my progress. “

James, UK


“Lots of people claim lots of things. I need to see things in black and white. Recharge provided me with diagnostics as I arrived at the clinic and also the diagnostics when I left the clinic. I felt fantastic, and I also had access to the diagnostics to explain why I felt better and how I should maintain feeling better. My worry was when I left I would fall back into old habits, however, the support I was given post treatment has been miraculous.“

Daniel, UK

❝With all My Heart❞

“You guys have not only saved my life but you have also changed the relationship I have with my business and my family. I am forever grateful.“

Robert, UK


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The Recharge Mission Statement

“Our goal is to recreate a healthy and fulfilling life for our clients. They are the very leaders who create the global ecosystem, stability, and opportunity for the rest of the world.


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